Wake the World Oregon Brings Plenty of Smiles on the World’s Best Wave

FOSTER, OR (JULY 22, 2019) – Earlier this week Centurion Boats was thrilled to participate in Wake the World Oregon 2019. Held on the emerald waters of Lake Foster last Monday, over 34 foster families were hosted by water sports boat owners who dedicated their entire day to showing them fun in the sun behind boats of all different shapes and sizes. There were 42 boats on the water including the Centurion Ri237, the Centurion Fs44, and even one of the boats that started Centurion’s wake surfing dominance an Avalanche C4.

If you’re not familiar, since 2008 Wake the World has been caring through sharing the love of water sports. The nonprofit organization is composed of a group of boat owners who aim to provide watersports opportunities to abandoned, abused and neglected children, as well as individuals with physical handicaps and our wounded warriors. In 2008 there was one Wake the World event, this year there will be over 60 events in 28 states and Canada. The goal is to provide families a day of fun doing whatever they want out on the water, an experience that brings joyous smiles and a sense of belonging in a way that helps kids keep in mind that they are loved by many.

Wake the World Oregon began in 2011 and is now the biggest Wake the World event in the nation. This year there were over 188 foster kids as each foster family was loaned a boat and a driver for the entire day. It was amazing to see the shock and awe on the kids’ faces as questions like, “This is our boat all day?” and “We get the boat to ourselves, for real?” were heard all morning as serious joy set in throughout the dock. Families were given boats in the morning with a driver and an opportunity to learn how to wake surf, wakeboard, tube, zip board, and the like. Lunch came in the early afternoon in the form of over 400 burgers and 120 hotdogs. Needless to say, the families were refueled the rest of the afternoon action.

The group of Centurion’s on the water led to bounty of ‘Centurion Smiles’ as many participants were wake surfing for their very first time. It’s hard not to enjoy yourself on the world’s best wave. Amy Mauzy VP of Marketing at Centurion Boats stated, “We were honored to be involved in Wake the World Oregon again this year. We are blessed to have this chance to give back to a community that may not have easy access to water sports. We hope we are making their lives better through this caring exposure to the boating lifestyle. We know Wake the World makes our lives better and we hope to continue to support these events for many years to come.”

Wake the World Oregon and other Wake the World events wouldn’t be possible without the hundreds of volunteers and the countless hours that go towards putting these events together. To learn how you can get involved in future Wake the World events and help to give back through a love of watersports you can visit the Wake the World website here.

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