The Centurion Boats Ri237  offers the World’s Best waves, wakes and ride in an ambitiously designed package built with inspired craftsmanship. This nearly 24-foot towboat accommodates 16 people and as much as 5100-pound ballast with room to spare. It simply dwarfs competitors with similar specs. The official towboat of the Centurion World Wake Surfing Championship, the Ri237 offers the best waves and softest ride possible. Plus, its unique, eye-catching exterior is as handsome as it is hangout-ready. Have you been in a Centurion lately? Reimagine your lake life with a Ri237 demo at a Centurion dealer near you.

2016 Centurion World Wake Surfing Championship from Centurion & Supreme Boats on Vimeo.


There’s a reason why the Ri237 pulls the World Wake Surfing Championship, it is the world’s best water sports towboat. At the 2016 championships, competing wake surfers achieved 31 personal bests behind the Ri237. In a Centurion you can fill your RAMFILL ballast while you are underway with a rider in tow. It’s that fast and that easy. Two sub-floor tooled-in tanks fill with as much as 2600-pounds of water in as little as 45 seconds to create pro-level waves or wakes that can be adjusted independently midsession. Our Deep-v hull design combines with the Stinger Wake Plate or new, patented, Silent Stinger Wake Plate Exhaust System, to enable maximum performance on a choppy day. The SILENT STINGER® is a forced water induction exhaust system built onto Centurion’s World Championship Stinger Wake Plate to dissipate exhaust noise and exhaust inference in the water. The Centurion Articulating Tracking System (CATS) provides unprecedented adjustability in your wake shape and the control of your boat by enabling you to adjust the horizontal running angle of your boat. CATS can deflect the bow either direction to change the water contact on the hull’s running surface. This shapes the wake and can level the boat when ballast or passengers are off-set. You do not need to list your boat to get a wave behind a Centurion. Quick-Surf Pro not only moves the World’s best wave from side to side, but allows you to go from wake surfing to wakeboarding without adjusting ballast.


The Ri237 doesn’t just perform great, it looks great. The new Drive Gel Coat scheme joins Surf and Core schemes as a new exterior customization option. Centurion also introduced three new exclusive metal flake colors for 2017, Silver Lime, Silver Sun and Silver Blue for a uniquely beautiful look.  No detail has been spared on the inside, from the durable and stunning interior finishes to the abrasion and stain resistant Comfort Strong Marine Vinyl by Spradling. Joined with the double and triple-stitched seams of GORE® TENARA® Thread, Centurion’s Comfort Strong Marine Vinyl will hold up to the elements almost as well as it pleases the eye. Eye-catching amenities continue with Centurion’s patented Side by Side Touch Vision Dash System. These two dash-mounted screens interact with one another to display related content when needed or show independent information for multi-tasking on the water. Centurion boats also tower over the competition with the exclusive Maximus Tower by Roswell. Color-matched to your unique Centurion boat design, the smooth forward-swept design of the Maximus Tower by Roswell is designed to perfectly complement your Centurion boat. It provides a weightless fold height restricted storage and the available DownFire Marine Surround System offers dual zone volume controls, separating the down-firing from the rear-firing speaker sound. The Maximus tower is now available with Centurion-branded bungee-less Clamping Racks by PTM. The Maximus is exclusive to Centurion.


The high level of craftsmanship at Centurion Boats is inspired by the goal of building the best. The Ri237 is the perfect example of this drive. Like all 2017 Centurion boats the Ri237 benefits from the Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP). Centurions are built stronger and more consistently thanks to this process while reducing emissions by as much as 90% more than traditional boat building.  Centurion Boats Team members continue inspired craftsmanship by using proven construction techniques like reverse shoebox design to join the deck to the hull. This step in the build process distributes the weight of the deck while adding extra support to the hull, creating superior strength, smooth ride and quiet operation in all Centurion boats, including the Ri237.


Centurion Boats and PCM Engines offer the peace of mind of a 5-year warranty with a customer-centric dealer network that prides themselves on the ownership experience. Just like reliability of Centurion boats, the new XHD Extreme Heavy Duty Trailers are in it for the long haul. These trailers are also built with meticulous craftsmanship as well as the strength of 6” x 2” x 7” gage steel HD tube frames, heavy duty axles and a 6” patented “Pivot Hitch”.  The XHD offers a custom West Coast look with Frenched-in LED lighting and sleek fenders. XHD Trailers are sandblasted then powdered coated prior to accepting custom colors and come with a 5-year warranty.

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