World-renowned wake skater Austin Polterock joins Centurion Boats Pro Team

Centurion Boats has always supported a pro team routed in high performance and strong character. These team traits have been amplified with the recent re-imagination of the Centurion brand through fresh design, new leadership, and joining the Correct Craft family. The addition of world-renowned wakeskater Austin Polterock is a result of re-thinking the Centurion brand.

When Austin toured the Centurion factory he realized how perfectly he fit, and wanted to be a part of this team. But after his first set behind the 2016 Ri217, Austin understood he is part of so much more. Like the rest of the team, Austin is now a part of what is re-imagined Centurion – quality individuals who excel at their craft with a genuine belief in the re-imagined performance, design, craftsmanship, and team that make up these water sports boats. Austin is the perfect addition to Team Centurion Boats and we are excited to welcome him.

Growing up on a private ski lake where his family runs the Valley Wake and Water Ski School, Austin was no stranger to watersports. But it wasn’t until the age of 10, when a family friend brought an old Brian Grubb Hyperlite wakeskate to the lake that he first stood on a wakeskate. After only a couple of tries, he fell in love.

Since then, the 16-year-old Sanger, CA native has earned multiple podium finishes at pro events including 2nd place at the WWA National Professional Wakeskate Championships and 3rd place at the WWA World Professional Wakeskate Championships.

Aside from focusing on his own training, Austin reaches out in many other ways to advance the sport of wakeskating. Along with continuing to help with the family business teaching watersports to kids, he’s also a boat judge for Southern California INT wakeboard and wakeskate tournaments. In 2013 he started Austin Polterock Productions where he uses his videography, digital media, and video editing skills to create unique videos targeting the strengths of his subject matter. The Clovis East HS honor student is also involved in water polo, competitive swimming, and is an American Red Cross Certified Lifeguard.

When asked about this addition to the team, Amy Mauzy, Marketing Director for Centurion Boats, responded, “QUOTE.”

When Austin was asked about choosing Centurion Boats, he stated, “I am so honored to be apart of one of the most prestigious teams in the industry. I am so grateful that Centurion has placed me among their outstanding riders on the team.”

Austin credits his success to so many people that have supported him throughout the years the list would go on forever. But he especially wanted to thank his father, Andy Polterock for always making sure he strives to be the best and for always keeping him on his game.

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