The Centurion Boats Factory Gets Back to Making Lives Better

We wake waves. Do you?

MERCED, CA (MAY 27, 2020) – More than two months ago Centurion Boats and other nonessential businesses across the globe were asked to shelter in place in light of the COVID19 pandemic. During this temporary shutdown only a handful of staff members remained at work, not to build and sell boats, but rather to show our thankfulness to the healthcare heroes on the front lines of this crisis. Our small crisis response team spent their time designing and building face shields and ear savers for local healthcare workers. In addition, Centurion Boats donated a house supply of N95 face masks to local facilities. These actions were the least we could do to show gratitude to our healthcare heroes.

After much preparation we are please to announce that we are building boats again. We have taken the utmost care with our plans for return. We are coming back in phases and observing social distancing. We are monitoring the health of our onsite employees daily with temperature screening, while providing the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) to each of them. We are also restricting outside visitors in an effort to keep our employees safe. So while that Centurion Factory Tour you had planned may have to be delayed, please know that we have implemented these restrictions for the safety of our employees. Stay in close contact with your local dealer for updates on factory tours.

We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to return to work safely, but we are most excited to return to our purpose. As a Correct Craft company, we are called to the path of ‘Making Life Better’ and we strive to exemplify that phrase at every opportunity. As we get back to what we love we want to wake waves of positive change in ourselves, our families, our communities, and our world with our boats on or near the water. These waves of positivity are not created out of thin air but they are set in motion, sometimes by the smallest efforts. These swells of change exist just below the surface and are available to all, but can only be unleashed through action.

It could be as simple and seemingly small as teaching your child to wake surf or showing your significant other how to trailer a boat. Your wave of change could be as monumental as sharing a day on the boat with a group of foster children or developmentally disabled individuals. Or as empowering as exposing individuals with limb loss to the world of wake surfing. Or as service oriented as treating service men and women, first responders and medical workers to a Blue Mind experience on the water. By being in a boat on the water we have the opportunity to awaken a better life for ourselves and others even with the smallest of actions. What’s Your Wave? How are you using your Centurion and/or Supreme Boat on, near, or relating to water to wake waves of positive change? We wake waves. Do you?

When asked why we say “wake” not “make”

We do not make waves of change; we wake swells of positivity from the depths of missed opportunities with deliberate action. Those actions could be as seemingly small as a drop of water falling on a glass calm lake or as giant as a seismic shift beneath the sea. No matter the size of the force, a Centurion wave of positive change can be set into motion with any thoughtful activity perpetuated through tow boating.

We wake waves encapsulates all of the amazingly big efforts our waters sports warriors like Grant Korgan, Matt Manzari, and Robby Maschhaupt have made through events such as Pass the Handle, Wake the World, Salute to Service, adaptive surfing, and much more. But this movement also shines a light on the seemingly small efforts of service on or relating to towboating like teaching your kids to surf or your wife to trailer the boat or simply spending time on the water with your family. Even the smallest service-related or empowerment action can wake a wave of positive change to make someone’s life better. We would love to understand your wave of change and recognize you as a Watersports Warrior. What’s your wave? Wake it!

Share your wave of change with us on social media using the hashtag #WeWakeWaves. Stay safe and wake waves of positive change!

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