Pro Skim World Champion

Sean Cummings

I love surfing, skim boarding, and teaching lessons for individuals or groups or families. It’s fun to me and I like to show how it can be fun and safe for everyone. I’ve also started Wake Shredder Clothing and have been sponsoring events myself in order to push the sport even farther into the media. Wake Shredder is now a known name in the Wake Surf world and I appreciate everyone that has supported it.

Favorite trick has to be the Gun Show haha.

Favorite playlist will always be some type of electronic music like Knife Party.

Achievements: 3rd Place 2014 Worlds. Featured in iPhone 6 commercial . Anytime I get on that podium or just have a killer session or land a new trick is a great accomplishment to me. My goals are not only for me to push myself above and beyond anything I can do but to progress the sport by pushing the younger generations to learn and love the sport and show them that its not just competition…Its Fun!

Sponsors: Centurion Boats, Victoria Skimboards,

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