Centurion Wakesurf Team (Skim)

Sara Tallon

I started riding when I was 9 but did not start to surf competitively until I was 14. I had no idea how many different tricks there were! I thought the 360 was the ultimate trick. Now I love to push myself to do shuvs, big spins and any other trick I can learn.

I have one brother Tyler who is a year younger than me. He used to be my riding partner but has taken a bigger interest in snowboarding as of late. I still get him out sometimes and is one of my great supporters.

I just spent a semester of high school studying in Australia and it made me realize how many foods I missed while I was there. Mostly tacos…I love tacos.

I have always had a sense of adventure and like to try many different activities. I used to play AAA hockey (gave it up to surf more), badminton, softball (gave it up to surf more). My favorite place in the world is to be on the water on Sylvan Lake.

I have made the podium at every competition I have entered in both skim and surf!
2017 World Amateur Skim Champion
2018 World Series of Wakesurfing Up and Coming Female Athlete Award
2018 World Outlaw Skim Champion

Sponsors: Centurion Boats, Kanuk Board Co., Agenda Surf, and H20 School.

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