6X World Wake Surfing Champion

Keenan Flegel

I grew up on the water and tried wakeboarding in my backyard when I was 5 years old. I then tried wakesurfing with Dean Lavelle for the first time around age 10. My favorite trick is always changing but I love to go big. I listen to lots of different music when I ride, reggae, rap, and classic rock. I don’t really have any rituals before I compete. I usualy just try not to think about it too much until I’m out there.

I have a younger brother Noah who competes in wakeboarding and wakesurfing as well. Recently I have been doing a little fishing with some friends of mine and I must say freshly caught fish will always be my favorite food. I am currently a student studying marketing at the UCF college of business. I am an amarature gardener and cook.

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