Pro Mens Surf

Jake Breedlove

I grew up with a love for water sports on Lake Austin with my parents, brother and sister. My brother got my family into wake surfing in 2009, and ever since then it has been my life and passion.

My favorite place to ride is where I began on Lake Austin, when the sun is bright orange, and the water is warm.

My favorite trick is the air 180. I love striving to get my body and board as high up out of the water as possible, and the air 180 gives me that ability.

As far as music playlists go, I’m always down for what other people listen to. Some artists that I do like to listen: Kid Cudi, Post Malone, Hippie Sabatoge. My preparation consists of staying hydrated, hanging out with other riders, visualizing my run, and a quick prayer.

I have an older sister named Ally who is a brilliant writer and most caring sister. In addition I have an older brother, Ben. He has taught me every great thing I know including wake surfing, and he is my inspiration in life.

My favorite food is pasta. Throw some chicken, sausage, and shrimp in the pasta, and lets eat.

There are many activities I enjoy other than wake surfing: Rock climbing, Rugby, Art, Photography, Hunting, Fishing, Working. I addition I really enjoy hanging out with friends and family. Most people might not know that I really enjoy hunting and shooting different firearms. I don’t get to go often at all, but game or practice, always a good time.