Adaptive Wake Surfer

Grant "Korg" Korgan

I grew up on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe living the watersports dream, and my fascination with water set in at an early age. The first time I stood on a surfboard was in high school when a friend and I loaded up the truck and took a road trip from Tahoe to Santa Cruz! My favorite place to surf is Lake Tahoe, CA and Bullards Bar, CA. My best trick is easily flying upside down over the wake strapped to a hydrofoil after hearing the words, “you will never move your legs against gravity again”. This past summer I stomped my first flat spins wake surfing and I am now riding inverts away on the foil. If I had to sum up these feelings into one word, without question it would be “Freedom”!!! The Glitch Mob making people smile through that DownFire. – WakeSurf: Boards, Inland Surfer Black Pear (custom) – Hydrofoil: Board, SkySki Matrix C3 / Tower, Ski Bones Evo / T-bar, SkySki LE-41 / Wings (custom).

My wife, family, and Duncan Lee (& his family) for making this journey possible. EVERYONE in the Centurion Boats family for having my back since I was a kid and supporting my “on-water” dreams. Finishing the day off with Zucchini sticks on the deck at Sunnyside (if you’ve had em, you know what I’m talking about). Through this journey of overcoming and pushing forward each and every day, I realized as human beings our struggles may be different but our desire to live the highest versions of ourselves, to rise above and succeed beyond measure are all the same. It is my goal to continue working toward all experiences which bring me joy, including new tricks on the SkySki and getting #WakePitted in the green room behind an Ri257. It is my passion to share my message of “Possibility Through Positivity” with the world, to encourage others to step outside their comfort zones and experience the bliss which exists just beyond today’s personal best, and to empower others to overcome adversity each and every day by Choosing Positivity Now!

Whether it’s in my adventures as an athlete, as a former nano-technologist, a devoted husband, a motivational speaker, an author or a person recovering from a life-altering injury; I choose to live each and every day awed by how grateful I am to experience the stoke of this life. . When change knocked on my door, I worked tirelessly to beat the odds utilizing the power of positivity. Spurred by my commitment to live an adventure-filled life on my terms, an overwhelming sense of self-belief, and armed with the unconditional love and support of my soul mate and wife Shawna, I decided right from the start I would rise. I would rise to again ride the very snowmobile I broke my back on, again navigate my whitewater kayak, and I would once again rise to feel the wind in my face and the water at my chest behind a Centurion boat using a sit-down wake surfing rig and a SkySki hydrofoil.

“In life, you can’t stop the waves from coming; but you can always learn to surf”
~ Unknown

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