Pro Women Skim

Caitlin Wheeler

Adam and I got our first boat together in October 2014 and really started wakesurfing in the summer of 2015. Adam had to teach me everything about boats, how to drive a boat, tow a person, pick up a rider and how to wakesurf!

We have two dogs: Riley is a Viszla and Gunner is a Brittany.  I am a physical therapist and work with children with disabilities in my local school district. I like to take naps and can fall asleep anywhere. I love hiking with my dogs and occasionally making cards and scrapbooking.

Achievements: 2020 Season (Women Pro Skim): 2nd- Cali Comp Festival. 2019 Season (Women Pro Skim): 3rd-Arizona Wake surf Championship Series, 2nd-Wild West Wake Surf Shootout, 3rd-Online Wake surf Series, 2nd- Yanmar Wake surfing competition, 5th place overall in rankings at the end of the 2019 season. 2018 (Outlaw Women Skim): 3rd-World Wake surf Comp, 2nd-Canadian Nationals, 1st-Northwest Open,

Sponsors: Kanuk Board Co, Stancraft Marine, Agenda Surf, Defiant Coffee, Surfs Up North Idaho – Wakesurf Lessons

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