Zoey Montgomery profile

Zoey Montgomery

Amateur Women Surf & Skim

Zoey Montgomery

I have been watching my brother, Zane surf for many several years. When I turned 5, I decided to give it a try. I started competing when I was 6 years old.

I have loved traveling to all the wakesurf events over the years, and enjoying time with my surf friends. I also enjoy gymnastics, volleyball, softball and playing the piano.

Favorite Place to surf: Lake Canyon

Favorite Trick: 360

Achievements: 2017 World Wakesurfing Ranking Champion, Amateur Female Surf 2016 Worlds Wakesurfing, 3rd place Amateur Female Surf

Sponsors: Centurion, InlandSurfer, Body Glove

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Lara Latham profile

Lara Latham

Women Pro Skim

Lara Latham

Prior to competing at an event I like to get myself ready and relax, and then right before I head out to the boat I like to talk to the other competitors to get to know them and joke around before we surf.

Some of my hobbies include doing a few DIY projects around the house or occasionally doing an abstract acrylic painting.

Achievements: 3rd Place Women’s Amateur Skim – 2015 Lake Anna Wake Surf Open

Sponsors: Centurion Boats and Agenda Surf

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Sean Cummings profile

Sean Cummings

Pro Skim World Champion

Sean Cummings

I love surfing, skim boarding, and teaching lessons for individuals or groups or families. It’s fun to me and I like to show how it can be fun and safe for everyone. I’ve also started Wake Shredder Clothing and have been sponsoring events myself in order to push the sport even farther into the media. Wake Shredder is now a known name in the Wake Surf world and I appreciate everyone that has supported it.

Favorite trick has to be the Gun Show haha.

Favorite playlist will always be some type of electronic music like Knife Party.

Achievements: 3rd Place 2014 Worlds. Featured in iPhone 6 commercial . Anytime I get on that podium or just have a killer session or land a new trick is a great accomplishment to me. My goals are not only for me to push myself above and beyond anything I can do but to progress the sport by pushing the younger generations to learn and love the sport and show them that its not just competition…Its Fun!

Sponsors: Centurion Boats, Victoria Skimboards,

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Hunter Clement Profile

Hunter Clement

Pro Men Surf

Hunter Clement

My aunt taught me how to wakesurf when I was about 9 years old on Lake Oroville on a Centurion Enzo.

I won first place at Worlds in the semi pro men’s surf division in 2016. Ranked 6th in the world for 2017 pro men surf. Winning Centurion and Supreme athlete of the year.

My favorite trick is just a simple air. I LOVE to jump!!

I’m always ready and eager to surf. If I can, I like to go for a run before I compete to get my heart rate up. I am always PUMPED UP to surf! I don’t have to put my serious game face on. I just like to go out and have fun!

Some of my hobbies include Hunting, camping, hiking, shooting, going to bonfires, going 4 wheeling, traveling, working on trucks, working, and anything that gets me outside of the house.

My sponsors are BluSurf, Wake Ballast, Gator Step, Supreme Boats, Centurion Boats, Shearlings Barber, Joy’s Surfing, and My Parents.

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Adam Fields profile

Adam Fields

World Wakeboard Champion

Adam Fields

Parents taught me to ski at a young age. Skiing evolved to wakeboarding. Wakeboarding was my dream job and I worked to make my dream come true. My favorite tricks are: Toeside Front Flip w/Tail grab, Nose grabbed Slim Chance 540, and Heelside Backside 720. Lately I’ve been jamming to Big Wild. Prior to competing a try to get my body as lively and loose as it gets so I can go big! Squats, jumping jacks, stretching, and a fair amount of pacing usually get the job done.

Aside from being behind the boat, I love to teach others and grow watersports. This will be the 19th year of my wakeboard and wakesurf school, the 13th year of my boardshop, and 2nd year of my boat rentals business. One day I’d like to own a boat dealership of my own. For now, learn more at www.lakegastonsummerrentals.com.

Achievements: 2009 IWWF World Wakeboard Champion, 2009 Pan-American Champion, 2009 USA Wakeboard Male Rider of the Year, 2010 Brostock Runner Up, 2011 BroStock Champion, 2017 Fire in the Core Series Champion in Pro Men, 2017 WWA US National Champion in Masters Men, 2017 Captain of the USA Wakeboard Team, Current Athlete Representative on the World Wakeboard Council, Coached over 10,000 people wakeboarding, waterskiing, wakesurfing, or wakeskating, Judged or Driven over 100 events, Organizer of the Big Air Fair – a long-lasting professional watersports show taking place at Lake Gaston, I’ve also been a speaker at a TEDx event.

Sponsors: Centurion Boats, Overby Marine, Doozie Boat Lifts, Liquid Force, and Smith Optics.

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Zane Montgomery profile

Zane Montgomery

Pro Men Wakesurf Worlds Champion

Zane Montgomery

When I was young you could not keep me out of the water. My family and I would spend weekends at my grandparent’s lake house. I had fun and learned how to water ski, Favorite place to surf: Lake Sammamish in Seattle.

Favorite Trick is a Surf style 3 shuv

Before competing, I enjoy just hanging out with my surf friends that I have meet over the years!

I started to Wake surf on my uncle’s boat when I was 5 years old. I then entered my first competition at the age of 7 in Austin, Texas called Barrel Boss. I got the youngest ripper award which at the age of 7 was super exciting!

Achievements: Worlds Wake Surfing Championship 1st – Men Outlaw Surf 2014

Sponsors: Centurion, InlandSurfer, and Body Glove

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Jimmi Sparling profile

Jimmi Sparling

Pro Men Surf World Champion

Jimmi Sparling

Started wakesurfing in Boise Idaho in 2005. My dad bought a Centurion Enzo SV230 in 2008 and my surfing really started to improve. Centurion waves have always been leaps and bounds better than competing boats and my progression really kicked into high gear. My wife and I did our first surf competition in 2010 in Seattle and the rest is history.

I have 2 kids, Jack and Madison and they love hanging on the boat and learning to surf. They’ve even made some cameos in the Centurion photo shoots. I love snowboarding and typically plan several backcountry heli/cat trips each year in Canada.

Achievements: I took 2nd place in Pro Men’s surf at the World Wakesurf Championships in 2014

Sponsors: Centurion Boats, Soulcraft Boards

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Taylor McCullough profile

Taylor McCullough

Pro Women Wakeboard

Taylor McCullough

I started wakeboarding at 3 1/2 years old in Centralia, IL. My favorite place to ride is on the Murray River in Yarrawonga, Victoria, AUS. Favorite trick, Indy tantrum or indy backroll. Favorite playlist, any music really! Well I mean it has to be upbeat. Before competing I just listen to music to try and calm down and not let my nerves get the best of me.

Achievements: 2017 WBWS Overall Champion, 2017 Nautique Wake Series 3rd Overall, 2017 Wakefest 1st Place, 2017 Plastic Playground 4th place, 2016, Nautique Wake Series 3rd Overall, 2016 WWA European Pro-Am 3rd Place, 2015 Houston Pro Features 2nd Place, 2015 Point Chase Features 1st Place, 2015 Nationals Features 3rd Place, 2015, Wakefest 3rd Place, 2015 Triple Crown Stop 1&2 3rd Place

Sponsors: Centurion, SheShreds.co, Slingshot, Hurricane Grill & Wings, and Jetpilot

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David O'Caoimh

Pro Men Wakeboard

David O’Caoimh

I got started on a lake just outside Dublin when I was 5 years old. My neighbor had a boat, and he used to take us out waterskiing. Then through my teens I progressed into wakeboarding and never looked back. My favorite place to ride would have to be my home spot (Lough Sillan, Cavan), but I’m also a huge fan of riding in the USA and some of the lakes in Europe too – anywhere with good vibes! Favorite trick is just a simple indy backside 180. It’s not the craziest trick, just one I enjoy doing. Usually before I ride, I just like to have a really quick stretch, and maybe jump in the water so that I’m already wet and not avoiding falling in!! Haha

Sponsors: Centurion, O’Brien, Wake Fury, Innocent Smoothies, Thongs Flip Flops and DryRobe

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Jarrett Scribner

Jarrett Scribner

Team Centurion Pro Men Skim

Jarrett Scribner

I began wakesurfing behind our 2001 model boat with tons of fat sacks trying to make a wave, I quickly got hooked and it took off from there. My favorite place to surf is Lake Texoma, in the muddy red river water!

My favorite trick is probably a 5 shove or a 3 shove transfer.

My only playlist while riding is 80s rock and Texas country music. In my fathers words, “when you sign the check you can play your music”.

Before I compete I like to wax my board and listen to music.

I have one sister, and a dog which is basically my child.

My favorite food is Firehouse Subs I enjoy riding motorcycles, flying planes, playing with my dog, and spending time outside and on the lake.

I hate dirty boats. I get it from my dad, I’m a clean freak and have a little bit of OCD when it comes to clean boats and trucks.

Achievements… 2nd place amateur men’s skim world championship 2015, 2nd place men’s outlaw skim 2016 world championship. Flying an airplane by myself.

Sponsors… Exile Skimboards, Centurion Boats, Freedom Marine.

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