2020 Centurion showing performance on Redfish Lake Idaho

Planning to buy a water sports boat next year? Why not do it now and make this Christmas one of legendary proportions?

Work with your local Centurion Boats dealer to deliver your boat during a Christmas party or maybe even sneak the boat into the driveway Christmas Eve for a special morning reveal.

2020 Centurion Stern on salt flats

Christmas 2019 could be one that goes down in your family history as the “Best Ever” just like Centurion boats waves, wakes and ride. This year there will be no need to battle Black Friday, agonize over last minute delivery dates on Amazon or make a mad dash out of town to shop. Centurion Boats and your local dealer will make this Christmas the “Best Ever”. Contact your nearest Centurion Boats Dealer to make your Centurion Best Ever Christmas plans today.

2020 Centurion Ri237 side view