Centurion “World’s Best Waves Wakes & Ride” Boat Show Promotion

Looking to get the World’s best towboat as well as the best deal this winter at your local boat show? The Centurion “World’s Best Waves Wakes & Ride” boat show promotion is a deal that will get you into an Ri Series model loaded with every option you need for the best waves, wakes and ride. By purchasing a 2017 Centurion this show season through the “World’s Best Waves Wakes & Ride” Boat Show deal you get a towboat equipped with RAMFILL, Plug-N-Play Ballast, QuickSurf Pro, the Centurion Articulating Tracking System (CATS), the Stinger Wake Plate and a Surf Prop and save more than $5,000. With a deposit placed at your local boat show or with your nearest Centurion Boats dealer and a purchase confirmed within two weeks of that deposit, you can realize more than $5,000 in savings. Take advantage of the Centurion “World’s Best Waves Wakes & Ride” promotion at a 2017 boat show near you or head in to see your local Centurion Boats Dealer today.  

2017 Centurion Boat Shows

Feb23Feb26Ottawa Boat, Sportsmen’s & Cottage ShowOttawa, OntarioPride Marine

Jan 6 Jan 8 Denver Boat Show Denver, CO Island Lake Marine
Jan 6 Jan 15 Houston Boat Show Houston, TX Tracker and Marine Max
Jan 6 Jan 8 Des Moines Boat & Outdoor Show Des Moines, IA Waters Edge Marine
Jan 11 Jan 15 Chicago Boat, RV & Outdoors Show Chicago, IL Lake Holiday Marine
Jan 12 Jan 15 Atlanta Boat Show Atlanta, GA Mountian Powersports
Jan 13 Jan 15 Huntsville Boat Show Huntsville, AL Erwin Marine
Jan 13 Jan 17 Portland Boat Show Portland, OR Northwest Boat Sports
Jan 18 Jan 22 Vancouver International Boat Show Vancouver, BC Extreme Boat Sports
Jan 19 Jan 22 Birmingham Sport and Boat Show Birmingham, AL Erwin Marine
Jan 19 Jan 22 Kansas City Boat & Sport Show Kansas City, MO Bull Shoals
Jan 19 Jan 22 Minneapolis Boat Show Minneapolis, MN River Valley Power & Sport, Willys, Sunnyside, Faction
Jan 19 Jan 22 Nashville Boat & Sport Show Nashville TN Calico Jacks
Jan 19 Jan 22 Los Angeles Boat Show Los Angeles, CA Sun Country
Jan 20 Jan 22 Fredricksburg Boat Show Fredricksburg, VA Lake Country/Overby
Jan 20 Jan 22 Great Rockies Sport Show Billings, MT Montana Honda
Jan 20 Jan 29 Toronto International Boat Show Toronto, ON Pride Marine
Jan 20 Jan 22 Little Rock Boat Show Little Rock, AR Bull Shoals
Jan 25 Jan 29 Louisville Boat, RV & Sports show Louisville, KY Calico Jacks, Boat works
Jan 26 Jan 29 Upstate South Carolina Boat Show Greenville, SC Strickland Marine
Jan 26 Jan 29 St. Louis Boat Show St. Louis, MO Bull Shaols
Jan 26 Jan 29 Wichita Sport Show Wichita, KS Shady Creek Marina
Jan 27 Jan 29 Red River Valley Boat Show Fargo, ND Faction Marine
Jan 27 Feb 4 Seattle Boat Show Seattle, WA Lynwood
Jan 30 Feb 5 Tulsa Boat, Sport & Travel Show Tulsa, OK Ugly John’s
Feb 3 Feb 5 Raleigh Boat Show Raleigh, NC Overby Marine
Feb 3 Feb 12 The Dallas Boat Show Dallas, TX Freedom Marine
Feb 4 Feb 7 Chattanooga Convention Center Show Chattanooga, TN Erwin Marine
Feb 9 Feb 12 Utah Boat Show & Watersports Expo Salt Lake City, UT BoardCo
Feb 9 Feb 12 Mid-Atlantic Boat Show Charlotte, NC Race City Marine
Feb 9 Feb 12 Lexington, KY Lake Cumberland Marine
Feb 9 Feb 12 San Antonio Boat Show San Antonio, TX Sail & Ski
Feb 9 Feb 12 Calgary Sportsman & Boat Show Calgary, Alberta Absolute, Wizard
Feb 11 Feb 15 Ft. Wayne Boat Show Ft. Wayne, IN Wawasee Boat Company
Feb 11 Feb 19 Detroit Boat Show Detriot, MI Wilson Watersports
Feb 11 Feb 19 Boston Boat Show Boston, MA Channel Marine & Panther
Feb 15 Feb 19 Duluth Boat, Sport, & Travel Show Duluth, MN Wiley’s Marine
Feb 15 Feb 19 Grand Rapids Boat Show Grand Rapids, MI Gull Lake
Feb 17 Feb 19 Richmond Boat Show Richmond, VA Lake Country/Overby
Feb 19 Feb 19 Richmond Boat Show Richmond, VA Overby, Lake Country
Feb 23 Feb 26 Ottawa Boat, Sportsmen’s & Cottage Show Ottawa, Ontario Pride Marine
Feb 24 Feb 26 Hot Springs Hot Springs, AR Gregg Orr Marine
Feb 24 Feb 26 Southwest Virginia Boat Show Roanoke, VA Hughes Marine
Feb 24 Feb 26 Central Carolina Boat & Fishing Expo Greensboro, NC Get Wet Marine
Mar 1 Mar 5 Atlantic City Boat show Atlantic City South Shore
Mar 2 Mar 5 Saskatoon Sports and Leisure Show Saskatoon, SK Proline
Mar 9 Mar 12 Sacramento Boat Show Sacramento, CA Mello Marine
Mar 10 Mar 12 National Capital Boat Show Chantilly, VA Lake Country, Overby
Mar 16 Mar 19 Spring Boating Expo Novi, MI Orion
Mar 16 Mar 19 Edmonton Sportsman & Boat Show Edmonton, AB Wizard Lake Marine
Mar 23 Mar 26 Arizona Boat Show Phoenix, AZ Century Marine
Jun 16 Jun 19 Melbourne Boat show Melboure, Austrilla Ski Force & Costa Marine

About Centurion Boats: Centurion boats are rigorously innovated World Championship water sports vessels of dominant performance, ambitious design and inspired craftsmanship achieved through experienced integrity. Leading the water sports towboat industry in innovation and performance since 1976, Centurion Boats was the first to introduce a wake surfing specific towboat and World Championship event based on this sport. Centurion continues to dominate water sports with this rigorous innovation. To learn more about Centurion Boats and its complete product line, visit www.centurionboats.com.

About Correct Craft: Celebrating 91 years of excellence in the marine industry, Correct Craft is a Florida-based company with global operations. The Correct Craft family includes Centurion, Nautique, Supreme, Bass Cat and Yar-Craft boat companies, Pleasurecraft Marine Engine Group, and Aktion Parks. For more information please visit www.correctcraft.com