Centurion Boats Adds Adventure Athlete Grant Korgan to the Factory Pro Team

Centurion Boats is a company built on dominant water sports performance achieved through rigorous innovation. We seek out individuals who are similarly charged to join our factory pro team. Wake surfing, hydrofoiling, Guinness World Record holding adventure athlete, Grant Korgan is just such a person. We are proud to announce Grant as the newest member of Team Centurion Boats (#TeamCenturionBoats). Being on this team isn’t just about podium finishes. Even more important than the destination of winning is the grace with which that journey is made. Poise, character, determination and heart are the distinguishing traits of a Centurion Pro Team Member. The combination of these characteristics lead to winning in life, as well as in sport, and there is no one who is more of an example of this than Grant. Centurion Boats welcomes another high-performing quality individual to the team, Grant Korgan!

A Centurion Heart with Factory Pro Team Athlete Grant Korgan from Fineline Media on Vimeo.

On March 5th, 2010 Lake Tahoe native Grant was snowmobiling in the Sierra Nevada back country when he was involved in a tragic accident. He overshot a jump on his snowmobile, landed too hard and the impact left him instantly paralyzed from the waist down. Grant’s initial prognosis was that he would never again move his legs against gravity, and his cherished independence & the life of adventure he loved, would become a thing of the past.

Since the injury, Kogan has done what very few people, able-bodied or not, ever seek to accomplish. He has pushed a cross-country sit-ski to Antarctica’s South Pole, becoming the first person in history to do so. He has swam with humpback whales. He’s an avid hydrofoil rider, snow skier, wave and wake surfer. And this past July Grant earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for circumnavigating Lake Tahoe in a one man outrigger canoe. He paddled along the shoreline, roughly 72 miles in 14 hours & 15 minutes, shattering the previous record, to raise funds and awareness for the High Fives Foundation.

“Regardless of ability (or perceived dis-ability), every single one of us has the power to come to the awareness that you can achieve everything you desire in this life,” said Korgan.

Grant’s achievements as an athlete are amazing, and those are only part of the reason he is on the Centurion Boats Pro Team. What also played a huge role in earning him a spot on this team is the amazing way he conducts himself in and out of the water. World-class podium finishes have great value to Centurion Boats, and achieving them with winning character is of the utmost importance.

When asked what it takes to be a member of the Centurion Boats Factory Pro Team, President of Centurion Boats, Erin McIlhatton, responded this way. “We all encounter seemingly impossible challenges in our lives, but even more than meeting or exceeding those goals our true success is determined by the way we do it. And just like the other athletes who make up Team Centurion Boats, Grant wins with poise, character, determination and heart. That is what it takes and why Grant is perfect for our team.”

High fives to Team Centurion Boats’ newest pro athlete, Grant Korgan!

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