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Calgary Sportsman & Boat Show

Come check out the latest models from Centurion Boats at the Calgary Sportsman & Boat Show. Representatives from Centurion, along with local dealer Absolute Watersports will be onsite to answer any of your questions and deliver walk-throughs of the 2020 model line.

Choose your favorite Centurion size, style and price, then explore the numbers. We have the numbers to back up what your heart tells you with what your head wants to know. It’s true, Centurion offers you the perfect ride, every time. We’ve got your number!

Calgary Sportsman & Boat Show
February 6 – 9, 2020
Calgary, Alberta

For questions about the event, contact your local dealer:

Absolute Watersports

The Ri Series

2018 Ri217 side view
2018 Ri217 side view
2018 Ri217 side view

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